Friday, 16 October 2015

How to Translate Hindi Language in the Most Authentic Manner

At present, you may not just find Indians in India, but also in numerous foreign countries. A huge population of Indians is today settled in all the four corners of world, like Canada, Australia, Italy, Kenya, UK, US and so on. Hence, it is obvious that wherever, a group of Indians will be present, the mother language, Hindi would definitely be spoken. Thus, this accounts for precise Hindi translation as many of the Indians have settled abroad and need to get their certificates, business documents and other stuff translated into/from Hindi.

But, when it comes to translation, the language becomes a bit tricky. Therefore, every translator must keep few tips in mind before translating the said language:

1. Utilization of Semicolon and Colon

For a translator, it is necessary to understand the utilization of such punctuation marks. At one hand, where semicolon is used very rarely, on the other hand, the colon punctuation mark has its own equivalent in Hindi. It is known as visarga. It is the mark of a wise translator to use the punctuation marks to their utmost precision.

2. Khadi Pai

Just as a full stop is used in English to terminate the sentence, in the similar way, the khadi pai is a Hindi punctuation mark used at the sentence termination. All the other punctuation marks are based from the English language. According companies involved in Hindi translation in Russia, the translators must never substitute a full stop for a khadi pai, as scripts like anunasika as well as anuswar have the khadi pai punctuation mark built into them.

3. Word Choice

Since, Hindi is a rich language, thus, translators face a problem in picking the best suited word while the language translation. While translating English to Hindi, it is seen that the English words have a number of synonyms in Hindi. Thus, you must develop a good sense of word usage.


Thus, it is just about sharpening your translation skills. If you sharpen your translation skills and grab a deeper knowledge of the language, then translation would never be a challenging task for you. As a translator, you would be expected to portray extraordinary skills with zero chances of error. In the translation field, your overall fluency over the language and cultural nuances of the language is given prior preference. So, make sure that you impress your clients and seniors with impeccable performance at translation work..!!


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