Monday, 22 January 2018

Important Steps to Follow for Valid Language Testing Services UAE

At every step of life, our lives have to pass through various assessments, standardized tests, driving exams, placement tests. When a business or a government agency tests the English or foreign language skills of potential hires and current staff, it’s better to hire professionals for language testing. Of course, creating a valid assessment of individual’s language skills is important and a difficult job indeed.

What It Means When You Say Language Test is Valid?

Basically, a test’s validity is the theory behind the test and the interpretation of test’s score accurately helps to measure the intended purpose of test. To be more specific, a valid language test works to assess language ability and scores can be defended. Certain steps to follow for language testing services in UAE such as:


• Job Analysis/KSAs

Initially, it’s important to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities that the test is actually designed to measure. These tests are designed to qualify an individual to perform specific job. In fact, these KSAs are identified through the performance of a job study in which individuals know what the job is all about or subject matter experts are interviewed to collect the information. Identification of KSAs plays a key role in providing focus to the development efforts in the process.


• Test Blueprint

In the process, test blueprint is created depending upon the KSAs identified and their relative importance to the job. Blueprint specifies to the test developer the content that will be included in the test, amount of content in each skill and any other necessary instructions needed to develop the content properly. With the help of this blueprint as a guide, test developers can create the actual test items.


• Creation of Test Iitems

Well, item development is done according the specifications highlighted in the test blueprint. Ample amount of test items are created to give the possibility that some items may be eliminated based on pilot testing and item analysis results.


• Review on Test Items

Test items are submitted to separate panel for review and comment. Any need for modification is recorded and comments are provided to the developers so that necessary changes can be done.


• Pilot Test Items

When the final draft version is reviewed and approved by test developers and the review panel, items are pilot-tested to collect data around item performance.

Once all the above steps are followed, experts need to create final test form, use Angoff method to cut-score of the test, administer test and ensure quality assurance of the language.

All in all, it’s better to go with a dependable company for hiring professional language testing services in UAE to assess the individual’s skills and ability regarding the language.

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