Tuesday, 26 September 2017

5 Challenges Localization Project Services Companies Faces

The best strategy to implement successful translation in localization projects is to hire a qualified project manager. The professional team working under him will make all possible efforts to create genuine traffic and maximize the reach towards potential customers.


People who are new to the field of document translations, software translations and website translation are not able to shoulder sincere responsibility required in this field. As a result the content created and developed does not match the client’s basic requirements and the situation is of complete failure. Here we will discuss 5 major challenges in this field.

Incomplete Source File and Quotation

The most basic requirement of the translation project is the quotation    submission. That has a full detailed word count of the translation. The basic requirements under this are full detailed requirement of content, graphic files. Many instances have been noted where incomplete source file submission has resulted in wrong translations.

Submitting Documents That Don’t Need Translation

Clients often submit a directory of files that are not in need of translations. This situation frustrates the language service provider. This situation can even be a result of scarcity of time. When useless documents are submitted for the translation it is said to be a complete wastage of time besides the wastage of resources also occurs.

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Lack of Translation Memory

Clients often forget to give the translation memory of the project created in earlier versions. Though it is difficult to submit the translation memory but the translation provider will surely ask you for the memory. You can easily trust Localization Project Services Manager for this specific task. But beware of the extra charges that can be even asked for.

The Time Support System

Some clients are in great hurry to find the completion of the project as soon as possible. So they create a lot of pressure to produce the desired results in the short notice period. This can be really dangerous for the company’s reputation as it can lead to inaccurate results.

The Rush Translation Projects

To complete any of the projects in very short period will obviously take additional costs and resources. But remember before investing in such situations make a clear cut communication with project head. The communication must include the terms, conditions, time investment, financial investment and other factors that are necessary to be undertaken. This will help the project manager to strategize plans accordingly.

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