Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How Do Language Testing Services Help You Hire Right Talent

An organization’s success is majorly dependent on the potential and talent of its workforce. In the absence of one, it can witness a sharp downfall. Hence, it is for sure that a business man must invest a considerable amount of his resources in hiring the right talent. But often, the entrepreneur seems to be lacking of much time to be invested in recruiting, selecting and hiring the right candidate. Also, when it comes to hiring a language expert, the hiring process gets even more difficult. This is because the language professionals need to be tested on different parameters that prove to be Herculean task for the employers. This is where professional Language Testing Services come into play.

Motto of Such Services

The ultimate aim or motto of these services can be defined as under – 

  • To help employers hire the perfect language professional
  • To assess the capabilities and potentials of the prospective candidates
  • To judge the candidate on his/ her bilingual or multilingual abilities
  • To help an organization match a vacant position with different language masters for different job roles – physicians, nurse practitioners, customer service representatives, personal bankers, sales representatives, law enforcement officers etc.

Kinds of Tests

As mentioned above, these services aim towards judging the skills and abilities of a language professional. Hence, to make sure that you hire the right talent, these services involve different types of tests, such as –

a) Written Test

As the name suggests, this test is conducted to assess the writing ability of the candidate in your target language. 

b) Reading, Speaking and Listening Test

This test judges the reading, speaking and understanding skills of the candidate. It analyzes how well the candidate can read, speak or understand the source as well as the target language.

c) Translation Test

This is the most important test that is conducted to ensure that the translation skills of the candidate are in line with your expectations. Thus, the professional corporate language testing services basically analyze how well the translator can translate a given text or file into the target language and vice versa.

d) Interpretation Test

Interpretation test verifies if the candidate is talented enough to conduct different types of interpretation between two or more parties, speaking source and target language.

So, this way you get access to the right talent and be assured that your company’s pillars (workforce) are strong enough to handle any difficult wave coming their way.

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