Friday, 3 June 2016

English Translation You Can’t Avoid While Learning

It doesn’t matter which nice you point out, there are going to be thousands of blogs in that niche. There is some sort of information overload going on in most of the niches. Luckily translation is one of those fields in which there are quite less blogs ( because in other niches people are heavily spamming ). However we care about language and our content ; Hence we don’t spam. Our aim is to create nice, elegant and high quality blogs.

This is because blogging is tough, very tough indeed. 9 out of the 10 blogs made don’t survive even for 6 months after creation. There are several blogs run by No. 1 English Language Translation Company in India which run successfully and produce awesome content. Apart from that, there are several blogs that are doing quite well in the Translation industry. If you are a translator, you might find them interesting and worth reading or subscribing.

Adventure in freelance translation : The first in the list comes none other than Catherine’s adventure blog. She writes about her experience in the translation field ( as the name also suggests ). There are several points which she highlights and are worth noticing. Below are what she has to say to her fellow translators :

Be Professional; but make sure you have fun in what to do.

Always share your knowledge and experience on social media with other translators.

One of the best parts of her blog is the “weekly fav.” Section, which is a part of “sharing is caring” which is one of the core values of her business. She has maintained a decent blog which every translator should read

Translation Times : Another nice and decent blog in the translation niche. This is maintained and ran by two twin sisters. They however focus on the entrepreneurial focus and mindset for work.

They have even written a complete book about it which is pretty awesome to read for any one who wants to pursue his carrier in the translation field. According to the sisters, they say that if anyone asks for an advice about becoming translator most of the people reply with saying that get a CV and mention your experiences on it. On their blog you would a heap of articles and if you are about to dive into this carrier, it would be very inspiring as well.

Thoughts on translation :
A blog by very well known French to English translator , Corinne Mckey. Her blog is very simple, clean and elegant. Although you shouldn’t judge it by looks, it has several informative posts which would surely help. There is also a section for thoughts on translation in English Language Translation Company. Where they publish quality blog posts on translation.

Conclusion : There is sufficient information for any topic, provided that someone really wants to learn.


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