Monday, 9 May 2016

Key Benefits of Hiring a French Translator

Majority of us just hit up the Google translator when we need something to be translated into another language. Although it is convenient to use and comes at no cost to us, but it is like junk food; which can’t be an alternative to a professional French translator. However instead of doing things the professional way, people love to do it in the conventional way, which sometimes leads to disappointing results. If you only need to know what a word means in another language, or need to translate a word or two, then these automated services like Google translate would work fine.

But when it comes to translating big chunks of data such as documents, legal reports etc, you should hire someone who is professional in this sort of task; there are many options, like you can get French translation services in Delhi done by professionals. Automated translators can’t understand the sophistication of the language and thus fail to replicate a meaning. This can be pretty harmful for you if you want to increase your company’s exposure in place where the native language is French. At that point of time, you would need a professional to help you out. If you aren’t yet convinced, below are the key benefits of why you should hire a translation expert.

1. Avoids misinterpretation of meanings of words. There can be more than one meaning of a word. If there is any such word in your document it would be tricky for the computer to pick up the right word to be used. Especially if you are translating to or from English/Hindi, where words sometimes have three to four meanings. Not being able to select the correct word destroys the complete feeling of the sentence.

2. Ensures that sentences made are both socially and politically appropriate. If your document has a mistake like “Sun rises from the west”, automated translators would not catch it and would translate it as it is, making the translated version carry the wrong meaning as well. However a professional translator would easily pick up this mistake and make appropriate corrections. Just like this mere example, there can be several instance where only professional translators can decide what decision to take.

3. Confidentiality

Sometimes people need to get their legal reports and sensitive matter translated. We all know that majority of the automated translators trap and save data for later use, which means that your data can be at risk. Confidentiality is one of the features offered by French translation services in Delhi. These agencies ensure that your privacy isn’t hurt.


These were the benefits that are associated with using a professional manual translator instead of automated alternatives such as Google Translate.


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