Monday, 7 March 2016

4 Fruitful Tricks to Make English Translation Productive Today

These days, if you talk about English as a global language, you might get an apt answer even from a school going kid. Such is the importance of English. Every child knows how important this language is, in today’s world. Hence, it would be needless to describe the scope and status of English as an ultimate professional and business language. Many a times, it happens that this language serves as a bridge between two parties. Hence, this is one of the most translated languages among all the other languages. But, do you think that for a business owner, simply translation of the language is enough? Actually, the quality factor also counts.

While outsourcing translations, you can actually make sure that the translation is qualitative enough to become productive and revenue generating for you.

This is how –

1. Previous Translation Examples

Since it is about meeting your business goals, hence, you should be aware about your expectations from the translation. For this, provide some previous examples of translated text to your service provider. Choose from a comprehensive English language translation company list and hire the most reputed one. After the service provider is chosen, provide the translation examples and explain your quality expectations.

2. Lead Translators and Reviewers

For a qualitative translation, it is important on your part to keep close contact with the translators and reviewers. Guide them with the brand guidelines. A clear idea of your brand message or guidelines will help them to translate and review the text with utmost perfection. Further, this working relationship will end up in providing quality satisfaction.

3. Contact Project Manager with Quality Content

Just like the translators and reviewers, the project manager also plays an important role in assuring the quality of translation. Make contact with the project manager and have a regular communication about the translation, its quality and its procedure. You should be aware the regular status of the translation task. Further, do not forget to provide a quality source content to the project manager, as otherwise the translation will not be qualitative.

4. Don’t Make Haste

Often, it is seen that the business owners keep asking for the final translated text again and again. They ask the service provider to deliver the assignment quite early before the estimated time frame. So, if you do this might be deliberately or unconsciously; stop doing this. Such activities will just make the translators frustrated and their frustration will spring up in the quality of translation. Give them proper time to complete the assignment.


Quality can be achieved easily. It’s just you need to be alert, calm and patient. Keep track of all the necessary activities and guidelines that you might have to provide to the translators. Never leave everything on the service provider. Try to put your efforts and contributions in that (obviously, in terms of enquiring about the status of the work).


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