Monday, 4 May 2015

6 C’s of Content Writing Agency India for Brands in 2015

2014 was the year that passed way teaching us the importance of online content. The past year saw a huge rise in the marketing of online content. Looking forward to 2015, the growing necessity for search engine optimized content has resulted in companies to market their content as per the SEO strategies for higher visibility of the content. The hi-end brands in 2015, are seeking for effective content creation that facilitates increased or higher audience engagement. Therefore, the leading Content Writing Agency India aims at providing effectual and creative content (to a multitude of brands) that boasts of 6 C’s or can say four specific qualities:

1. Credible

Remember that today’s modernized audience is much smarter than ever before. Thus, you can’t ever fool them around. Reinforce the brand you are working by embracing transparency, aligning with a sensible content and engaging in dialog with customers online. Delivering content that is open and true to brand, gains the highest appreciation.

2. Consistent

Post often but make sure to post smart. A consistent flow of informative, sharable content that is scheduled during the peak hours when the target audience is mostly online, garners huge acclaim, views and audience engagement.

3. Cohesive

If you are posting videos related to fashion accessories and tweeting about computers, then you are actually confusing your audience. Keep you content platform neutral and tell only one story to you audience at a time. Don’t muddle up. 

4. Contextual

The content for the brand must be contextual, i.e. it should connect the dots between the lifestyle, preferences of your target customer and the products offered you. 

5. Courteous

A courteous content is one that has no passive-aggressive tones or hidden insults. One of the USPs of a top-notch Content Writing Agency India is that it keeps the reader's perspective in mind and remains empathetic to their needs. Make sure that the brand content answers all the questions of the target reads with utmost preciseness and politeness in tone.

6. Culture

The worldwide audience is borne with different cultures. Thus, ensure to make your brand content in line with the culture of the target audience. Creating a valuable content for the audience, accounts for higher engagement and appreciation from the masses.

Just align your content with these, 6 C’s of content creation and witness larger profits, acclaim and visibility online. Besides delivering a customer-centric content, these valuable factors vote for boosting online presence for various hi-end brands.


  1. Keep you content platform neutral and tell only one story to you audience at a time. Don’t muddle engine ranking

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